• About Me

    This is the Creative + Design
    portfolio of Bobby Rakich.

    I’m a freelance Graphic, Brand
    & Visual Designer.

    I’m based in Sydney.

    The view from my office in Surry Hills.

    Why is a raven like a writing desk?

    Who knows, but here’s mine.

    My main creative skills:

    Click the tabs below.

    More skills:

    - Image Making/Illustration

    - Web/Digital Design

    - Retouching

    - Packaging

    - Advertising

    - Finished Art

    How much experience?

    As long as a good single malt whiskey.

    Can work solo or be part of a team.

    Either way, I’m gonna have a latte.

    My toolbox:

    - InDesign CC

    - Illustrator CC

    - Photoshop CC

    - Muse CC

    - Cinema 4D

    My weapon of choice?


    Yep, I do 3D stuff.

    Viva la Cinema 4D!

    Let’s get down to business cards:


  • Brand + Visual Design

    VIVID 2015

    Pics coming soon...

  • Environmental + Exhibition Graphics

  • Digital Illustration

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